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Notes on Colossians :

Bible Places.Com: Colossae (Color Pictures of the area) : 

Catholic Encyclopedia Article on Colossae: 

Republic of Turkey: Ministry of Culture: Colossae: 

Learn About Biblical Sites: Colossae: 

Map and Image of Colossae: 

Holy Land Photos: Colossae 

Our Father Lutheran Church Article on Colossae: 

Several Articles on Colossians from Third Millennium Ministries ( ):

Cities of Ancient Greece: Colossae: 

Map of the Greek World 

Columbia Encyclopedia Article (short) 

Homepage of Parmukkale/Denzili, Turkey (largest towns near the site of Colossae today) 

Homepage of Parmukkale/Denzili, Turkey: Colossae;

Map of the Roman Empire (with provinces) 

Colossians Background Study Sheet 

COLOSSIANS: Power to Endure with Joy by Ray Stedman 

Colossians: Quick Facts 

New Testament Survey: Colossians 

New Testament Study Helps: Paul’s Letter to the Colossians 

Christian Resource Center: Colossians 

Parallel Greek New Testament (Numerous English translations in parallel – KJV, ASV, and some other less common translations) 

Workbook on Colossians

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia article on Colossae:

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia:  (Good info on Phrygia -click on that link)

Web Bible Encyclopedia

Colossae: The Land and the Book.  A Series by W.W.Winter

Ben Witherington - Save Colossae (Ben makes a plea to support excavations at Colossae)


Magnificent Travel Agency

Ben Witherington on Colossae

Philip A.

Colosse by Dr. Randall E. Radic

Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Colossae

Adelaide scholars in joint dig at Colossae

Un-Earthing Riches of the Past

Unearthing Ancient Colossae In Southern Turkey: Theology and Archaeology in Dialogue by Michael Trainor

Pictures of Colossae by Our Father Lutheran

Picture of Colossae

Colossae by Pilgrim Tours

Coin of Colossae

A 15 Week Bible Study on the book of Colossians

Colossians: Power to Endure with Joy  by Ray C. Stedman

Paul @Colossae Part 1 - 'Twin Churches'

Sermon Series on Colossians by Rev Lillian Roberts

Notes On Colossians, Dr Thomas Constable

Exposition of Colossians - Introduction

Christ Reconciles Us to One Another - sermon on Col 1:15-28

God's Living Garden - Sermon on Col 1:1-14's%20Living%20Garden.htm

Colossians Commentary

Philemon and Its Connection To Colossians

Alive and New with Christ

Old Paths on Colossians

Colossians 1:1-8

The Colossian Heresy

Colossians Introduction

Sermon Series on Colossians by David Chadwell, West Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Paul's Letter to the Colossians

Priest speaks on understanding Bible through archaeology expeditions -article on Dr Michael Trainor speech at University of Dallas on excavations at Colossae

The Danger of False Ideas - Colossians by Chuck Missler

Harper's Bible Dictionary Article on Colossians

Complete Web Site with study by Lee H. Smith

Critical Issues Commentary - Colossian Heresy - Part 1

Colossian Heresy - Part 2

Colossian Heresy - Part 3

What Think Ye of Christ? The Gospel that Identifies Evangelicals - Paper on Colossians

Translation of Colossians by Patrick Oden

Introduction to Colossians

Walking Thru the Bible - Colossians

Cancelled Debt


Word on the Web - Church Army - Colossians

Introduction to Colossians

Free Christian Leader Training Study on Colossians